Following Netanyahu visit, Israeli minister to head to Oman

Published 10-28-2018

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JERUSALEM (AP) - The office of a senior Israeli Cabinet minister says he will travel to Oman next week, days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Gulf state.

Arye Shalicar, an adviser to Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, said Sunday that Katz will participate in an international transportation conference. He says Katz, who's also Israel's minister of intelligence, will share his proposal for building a rail link between Israel and Arab Gulf countries.

Israel and Oman on Friday confirmed Netanyahu's trip to Oman, the first such visit by an Israeli leader in 22 years. Israel and Oman do not have formal diplomatic relations.

Netanyahu frequently boasts of warming behind-the-scenes ties with Arab countries. In another sign of those ties, Israel's sports minister is in the United Arab Emirates for an international judo competition.

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